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Truck Rental

“The Empire legacy of dedication continues into our sixth decade of service.”

Empire maintains one of the most extensive fleets of trucks in the country and has become a valuable resource for contractors, excavators, developers, and service suppliers who need reliable trucks for a multitude of jobs.

Our trucks can be rented for one hour or months on end depending on your specific need. All our rentals are available at affordable rates and are supplied with experienced and certified operators. Empire maintains radio-controlled dispatching twenty-four hours a day which allows us to respond quickly and efficiently to customers.

In addition, Empire offers some very specialized moving services that require special certification and experience that is not easily acquired in many areas. We pride ourselves on the fact that all our drivers operate according to strict safety and regulatory guidelines.

Our truck rental and heavy equipment moving services include:

Over the Road: trucks can be provided with no geographical limitations for hauling long distances. Additionally, Empire can provide support in the areas of superload transporting of such items as large utility tanks and extremely large and heavy equipment.

Heavy Equipment Moving: as an additional service, Empire can load and move heavy equipment from site to site, without the need for your people being at the site. We have the ability to move any size load up to 60 ton capacity.

Hazardous/Non-Hazardous Waste Transport: Our personnel are trained and certified in the special handling of hazardous waste. Empire currently holds permits in Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York, Virginia, Ohio, and Michigan.

Excavation: for hauling dirt, rock and broken concrete we have Barrel Dump Trailers, Tri-axle Barrel Dump Trucks and Tandem Barrel Dump Trucks.
Another Specialty Empire Service:

Trash Roll-off Containers for Construction Waste: Empire supplies, delivers and removes roll-off containers up to 50 yard capacity, for on-site construction waste.

With over 50 trucks in our fleet, Empire can provide:

  • Single axles

  • Tandems (Standards & Rock)

  • Tri-axles (Standard & Rock)

  • Commercial and Residential Roll-offs

  • Dump Demo Trailers – 40/50 yards

  • Rock Trailers

  • Low boys

  • Flat Beds

  • Vans

  • Reefers

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