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Excavation Services

“Empire provides turnkey excavation solutions for projects including land clearing, roadway construction, and water main installation.”

Empire's Total Systems Approach

Whether it is new development or heavy construction, we provide trained, experienced crews and the most advanced and reliable excavation equipment to get the work done. Applying a “total systems” approach to excavation, Empire offers virtually every type of excavation service required for site preparation, street construction, rock removal, and trenching for site utilities.

Empire was one of the first excavation firms in Berks County to implement state-of-the-art computer software to analyze original building plans. Designed to evaluate excavation requirements, this software allows us to determine how excavation costs can be reduced without compromising design. Many times we are able to simplify the excavation process to a “cut and balance” and calculate within inches where cuts can be made. This has allowed us to save our clients thousands of dollars in site preparation costs.

Our Excavation Services Include:

  • Development roadway construction

  • Sanitary sewer line construction

  • Storm sewer and retention pond construction

  • Water main installation

  • Land clearing

  • Soil erosion and sedimentation control

  • Swales and diversions for surface run-off

  • Snow removal