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Heavy Equipment Rental

“Empire maintains an extensive fleet of vehicles and more than 300 pieces of equipment to meet all your demolition and excavation needs.”

Empire offers a full range of heavy equipment for land development, construction, and a multitude of other jobs for rental. All equipment is fully maintained and provided with experienced operators.
Supplied with Operators:

  • Smooth Drum & Sheepsfoot Vibratory Rollers

  • Dozers – D4 through D8

  • Track Loaders

  • Track Hoes

  • Rubber-tired Loader/Hoes

  • Wheel & Track-mounted Gradalls

  • Tramac Hydraulic Hammers

  • LaBounty Mobile Shears

*All equipment fully maintained and operated

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The primary composition of our services include the power and design of a specialized BROKK® machine, in the skilled hands of an experienced Empire operator. The BROKK, manufactured by Holmhed Systems AB of Sweden, accomplishes precision demolition with high levels of production efficiency, while at the same time limiting worker exposure to the project area. Some of the most important features of this equipment are:

  • It is remote controlled, and can be operated from outside the immediate demolition area in another room, or from as far away as 400 feet. It thereby provides safety for the operator and other people in the general area.

  • It’s small enough to pass through regular-size doors and work in confined spaces.

A wide array of attachments can be used, including a hammer, LaBounty shear, grapple , 1/4 yard digging bucket, hydraulic drill, and concrete crusher. Pumps and large hydraulic systems of the equipment deliver a lot more impact than comparable hammers mounted on excavators.
Some examples of successful projects accomplished by experienced operators using the BROKK precision equipment include:

  • Demolition of 7,000 psi concrete in the bench walls of a highway tunnel, as part of a $15.5 million rehabilitation project.

  • Confined space use to strip the lining of kilns, to dismantle the interior of a hot furnace in a utility company, and break-up the inside of a nuclear test reactor.

  • Demolition of the inside of bank vaults, reinforced concrete walls, and suspended floor slabs where precision control is required so that the entire building is not damaged.

  • Dismantlement of a building canopy, without danger of the overhead structure collapsing on the machine operator.

  • Selective renovation projects for schools, hotels, and office buildings.

ExTec Mobile Crusher
Another specialty piece of equipment that Empire offers is the Extec Mobile Crusher . The crusher can separate metal from concrete and while crushing it has the capability to process materials into 3A or 2A modified stone.