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Safety Practice

To Empire safety is firstSafety is a top priority at Empire Services. Protection of our employees, customers, and environment is paramount at all times. No deadline is so important, no emergency so great, that we cannot take the time to do our work safely. The policy of Empire Services is to provide a safe workplace environment for our employees and our clients. It is Empire’s intent to go beyond the requirements of OSHA standards. Our objective is to effectively manage the work and worksite risks to anticipate and prevent harmful incidents.

Empire’s aggressive health and safety program combines thorough training and a strict drug and alcohol policy. Continuing education includes related courses, and certification training in compliance with Federal, State, and local regulations. Empire has an in-house Corporate Safety Officer who performs weekly job site inspections. In addition, Empire has a State Certified Safety Committee comprised of both management and field personnel.

It is essential to have input from all our employees to assure our safety procedures are effective. A successful program, one which truly reduces work related risks, results when all personnel work together. Through our written safety programs as well as seminars, in-house training, and mentoring programs employees are made more aware of the effect safety has on work production.

When a person hears the term Demolition/Excavation contractor, they may have a mental picture that bears little resemblance to the safe and professional environment maintained by Empire Services. Allow us to show you what a professional construction site should look like.

Empire Services is fully aware of the dangers that are associated with the construction industry. We also realize that our employees are our most valuable asset, which is why safety is a primary focus at all times. Empire is committed to making our construction job sites a safe work environment, which is reflected by our impeccable record.


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